To make your provisional booking for a wine tasting session please choose your group size let us know your preferred
90 minute window: 10:00am – 11.30pm; 11.30pm – 1pm;  1pm – 2.30pm; 2.30pm – 4pm; 4pm – 5.30pm – we’ll email you, your exact time slot.

As a guide, small & medium groups (6 – 15 people) will take approximately 30 minutes;
Large groups (16 – 24) approximately 45 minutes;
and groups of 25 – 40 approximately 1 hour

All Group tastings conducted during normal cellar door hours (11am – 4.30pm) incur a $5.00 per head charge during normal cellar door hours;
Out of cellar door hours (10am – 11am and after 4.30pm) will incur a $10.00 per head charge.

Tasting platters comprising cheese, olives, relish and crackers are available to order – suitable for 6 people they cost $25.00 per platter.

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